Political Consulting

Your campaign's style should match it's substance

No campaign – whether supporting an individual for political office or a policy initiative requiring passage by a legislative body – can be successful without a detailed strategy for success. That means having an understanding of the nature of your target audience, establishing tangible benchmarks for voter outreach operation, and having compelling messages that convert undecided voters into supporters of your campaign.

Our strategies that we develop for your next campaign are informed by the most advanced data, research, technology, and experience we have available. We are a company of fierce competitors & nothing is more important to us than helping you win.

Check out some of the services we can offer your next campaign and how they can work together for you:

Electoral Field Research & GOTV Strategy

We make very quick and easy strategic decisions because, by the time we have to make them, we have done the hard work. Our novel and client-specific research approach, combined with our innovative data-informed Get-Out-The-Vote strategies, will tell you what messages will resonate with your target audience and what it takes to motivate them to take action.

Our research and GOTV services are finely tailored to your unique situation so you will have full confidence when election season kicks off.

Data & Analytics

Knowing when to engage and at what scale is half of a successful strategy. Our analytics department will give you a case-by-case, in-depth analysis of historical electoral results and a data-driven assessment of what it will take to win. We provide: Election Results Analysis;? Predictive Voter Turnout & Vote Choice Models; and Predictions on Position & Intensity of Issues. We equip all of our campaigns with the open-source voter activation network CiviCRM to give our campaigns the most advanced internal voter and volunteer management system that gives your campaign the firepower of a national campaign.

Whether it?s assisting local organizations, campaigning on ballot measures, investing in a campaign, or even sitting at the negotiation table ? we will give you the data tools and information management resources you need to confidently decide when to walk and when to engage.

Direct Mail & Email Newsletters

From copywriting and design to the moment it hits the mailboxes, our team carefully manages the entire direct mail process. We?ve created various direct mail pieces, postcards, invitations, fundraising letters, and voter guides to help maximize campaign communications with those most likely to listen.

But most importantly, we put our experience to work for you. Across elections and advocacy campaigns across the country – national, statewide, and local – we?ve come to know what works and what doesn’t. And our experience and creativity coupled with our sophisticated voter targeting is what makes our work breakthrough and demonstrate your campaign to be credible and compelling.

Targeted Voter Contact

In the end, campaigns are about reaching people. And Anderson Creative Strategies? voter contact program will tell you exactly which ones you must reach. Our unique cross-segment of demographic, geographic, and electoral data enables us to construct turnout and vote choice models that pinpoint and prioritize the electorate down to a single person.

Anderson Creative Strategies? will construct a winning plan that fits your resources so you can maximize your voter contact efficiency and achieve the greatest return on your time and investment.

Public & Media Affairs

Anderson Creative Strategies?’ top-notch communications team is on constant call to anticipate, respond to, and drive the media narrative that affects you and your campaign. As needed, we will produce: Press Releases, Media Advisories, News Conference Logistics, Candidate Interview/Debate Prep, and short-term/long-term/crisis Messaging Strategy that will earn you the high ground each step of the way while consistently driving the overall narrative forward in a positive direction.

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